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  • Chance

    How much would this cost t purchase?

    • Sorry but it’s already sold. If you’re interested in a build of your own just contact us through our website form. Cheers!

  • ACE

    Where did you get the cafe seat for this? It looks great on this bike

    • It’s available in our products section now.

  • Adam

    I was wondering if you have any pictures or information about how you mounted the gas tank. I am wanting to mount a xs750 tank on my xs650 as well, but it seems like it will require some modification. Just thought I would pick your brain before I just try to figure it out myself. BTW, your XS is bad ass I love the way it looks so clean, almost like it cam e from the factory that way. Cheers!

    • Max Leisten

      Hey I just read your question and I have just mounted an xs 750 tank on my xs 650. If you´re still interested in pictures and information, just leave your E-mail address or something like that and i´ll send you pictures and a description.

      • Floyd Schotel

        Max I want to mount an XS750 tank to my XS650 so any info/pics you may have to share would really be appreciated! I know your post on this discussion is quite old so if you reply I’ll send you my email/facebook

      • Floyd Schotel

        Hi Max, I’m still interested in any info on the tank swap! Please email any info/pictures to schotel@ymail.com