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Back from AIMExpo Orlando


Thanks to all of you for voting for our #StarBolt build. We managed to land a respectable 5th place out of 10 builders but beyond all that the experience from beginning to end was a ton of fun. While in Orlando we got to meet the organizers of this contest from Star […]

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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #6 – COMPLETED


We did it. The Bolt is complete and we want to start right off by thanking Star Motorcycles for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this build off. We also need to thank Dekker Designs for help with the CNC work and parts prototyping with us, Works Performance […]

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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #5


Another week down on our #StarBolt #StarMotorcycles build and we are getting close to the finish line. At least it is at the point where you can see the vision behind the madness and it looks once again like a motorcycle. I would say we are about 90% there with the […]

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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #4


Now that our rear suspension is set up we made the jig for future production runs and we just finished the jig for the sub-frame. Remember the tail design that Rob threw 2 full days of sanding and shaping towards? Well it ended up being modified… sometimes that’s […]

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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #3


A lot has happened this week on our #StarMotorcycles #StarBolt build. It takes so much longer when you are trying to build a product for re-sale, figuring out the best product and optimum angles is one thing, but asking yourself “how would the customer expect […]

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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #2


Well the first week is down and a lot has happened on our #Yamaha #StarBolt build. Not a lot we can show you because it really isn’t all that pretty… yet, but the plan is in motion and it’s going to be quite unique. As with all our builds the bikes […]

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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off


We were lucky enough to be contacted by Yamaha USA to customize one of their 2014 Star Bolt Motorcycles. The timeline is quite aggressive, ya sure we can handle that, but the best part… the rules are wide open so we are extremely stoked about that!! We are going […]

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1982 XS650 Cafe 33


Here’s the photos of the completed Cafe build. Start to finish pics and video’s located in the blog

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