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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #4

  • 2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #4

Now that our rear suspension is set up we made the jig for future production runs and we just finished the jig for the sub-frame. Remember the tail design that Rob threw 2 full days of sanding and shaping towards? Well it ended up being modified… sometimes that’s the way it goes. The seat idea was to have a bobber style seat and a cafe style back but once on the bike the curves were not as we would have liked. It did however lead to an even better way to make the sub-frame with a new metal pan seat base as part of the structural support. We cut the back off the plastic tail and we were able to mount it to the seat pan to achieve the look we wanted. Trust us, it looks pretty damn cool.

Chris cut out the stock tank fuel cap and tig welded in a new flush mount unit and it was back over to Rob for more bodywork to make it look factory. Our new Michelin Commander tires were mounted to the freshly powdercoated wheels and we were able to mock up a roller using the R1 front end. We used the Bolt steering stem in a set of modified R1 triples, replaced the wheel bearings with a different size and turned down our R1 axle to fit, finally our new EBC rotor was measured for offset and we were able to design the spacer. We’re just waiting on our friend Mike Dekker to arrive back with the CNC aluminum ring spacer so we can mount it all up.

gas cap bung tig welded in place

Flushing in the new gas cap

and we have a color

Rounding out the week we laid down the paint which is a beautiful metallic dark red and metallic black. The next few days will be final fabrication, headlight mounts, speedo mounts, bar risers, bar selection etc. Next we are moving on to getting the engine back in the frame and tackling the massive wiring harness.

Wish us luck!

Here’s the video of another week down.

  • Adrian Taljaard

    Still lovin’ it, guys! How long have you got left?

    • Officially it’s due back in Yamaha’s hands Sept 15th and I believe they are starting the voting contest on September 1st, but I am only here helping Chris until this Friday so it’s crunch time for us!

      Did you see the list of builders on their website?

      • Adrian Taljaard

        Yeah, I stumbled across their Facebook page, so I’ve seen a few of the other designs. Roland Sands has made a pretty cool bike, but then, he tends to buck the trend when it comes to custom Harleys too (or he did in Biker Build-off), so I respect him for that.

        I’m really looking forward to the finals. It’s pretty brave of Yam to take it’s “Fake-Harley” to Sturgis, I reckon. 😛
        Well, good luck for the busy week ahead.
        Oh, and my student loan comes through next month… I’ll do the decent thing and order a t-shirt… Fly your flag this side of the pond 🙂
        Later Rob.

  • Dave

    I have been watching this build on YouTube and its looking very cool. You guys do some very nice work and I think I’m going to try make myself a cafe racer after watching your builds. Never built a bike before but you gotta start somewhere. Cheers

    • Yep, you certainly do. Glad you’re liking the build.

  • dave

    Rob- is the red close to the Monterey metallic tintcoat colour that we are hoping to use on my build?