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2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #5

  • 2014 Star Bolt Build-Off #5

Another week down on our #StarBolt #StarMotorcycles build and we are getting close to the finish line. At least it is at the point where you can see the vision behind the madness and it looks once again like a motorcycle. I would say we are about 90% there with the final details and buttoning up to be completed this week.

The seat and tail are completed as is the sub-frame design and the jig has been made so that more can be produced in the future. We have selected our route for the exhaust system, nailed down the air cleaner we are using, selected the set of drag bars and powdered them gloss black, we’re going to re-use the stock controls as they also control the speedo which is now cleverly mounted to the left of the engine. The remainder of the wiring relocation is by far our largest undertaking as there are a lot of plugs in this harness that are dying to be hidden from view.

Rob & Chris hanging with the “almost complete” Star Bolt

Stay tuned for next weeks installment! Here’s this weeks video:

  • Adrian Taljaard

    Exhaust under tail?

    • No nothing that fancy, just a cool canister. Though it looks like the aftermarket is going to have some very nice exhaust options for this bike very soon.

      • Adrian Taljaard

        Does it settle much under load? I mean, please don’t get me wrong, I still love it, I guess I was just expecting it to be a lot lower at the tail, what with the drag bars and teeny, weeny seat. I think I was expecting a more classic bobber line to it. Still, that’s why I love you guys, doin’ it your way and keeping us surprised.

  • dave

    Chris & Rob

    The bike looks fantastic, especially the paint job. Well done!

    Dave F

    • Thanks Dave, looking forward to completing it.

  • Andrew Ehlers

    The bike looks awesome. I dig the fact that each bike you do is so different from the last build.

  • Adam Reidling

    Can you build me one!

    • Sure. Use our contact form to get in touch with us. Cheers!