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The Star Bolt build off contest has begun! Cast your vote for our Chappell Customs Start Bolt.

We didn’t just build a cool bike, we designed a fully functional ride that not only looks cool but has the best suspension system and ride of the bunch.

Its also a product you can add to your own Star Bolt!

check out the entries and cast your vote here

Star Bolt Build Off

thanks everyone for your support!

  • Travis Meier

    When will the parts to build this be available?!

    • We need to get our bike back from Star Motorcycles first and then we can actually make some instructions to include with the kit. We just didn’t have enough time when getting this bike ready. Based on the tour schedule this could be as early as 2-3 more months.

      • Travis Meier

        And is there any information available on the price for the new shock, swing arm, and seat? Also what exhaust is that you use? It has an amazing deep sound!