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Back from AIMExpo Orlando

  • Back from AIMExpo Orlando

Thanks to all of you for voting for our #StarBolt build. We managed to land a respectable 5th place out of 10 builders but beyond all that the experience from beginning to end was a ton of fun.

While in Orlando we got to meet the organizers of this contest from Star Motorcycles and Yamaha, and it was clear once meeting them why this contest ran so smoothly. Fantastic, friendly people with a great outlook on the future of the motorsports industry! We also hung out with some of the other builders and they were all such cool easy going people – but would you expect anything less from other motorcycle folk? We are truly honored to be among such world class builders.

So, if you happen to be going to the AIMExpo or any of the International Motorcycle shows across the U.S. for the next year be sure to stop in on the Star Motorcycles display and take a look at all 10 Bolt builds. To see them in person makes all the photos you’ve seen pale in comparison.

Here’s a few photos from the event.


Doing our interview with Marshall Advertising.

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  • Adrian Taljaard

    Well done, guys. Sadly not 1st place, but it’s still a fantastic result for you, and all small custom houses. Wish I could go to the shows 🙁

  • Manik

    Keep your passion alive and one day it will take you somewhere…even bigger. Cheers