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Royal Enfield UPDATE!

  • Royal Enfield UPDATE!

Finally got a second to share the progress on the Enfield project… As many of you know this bike was kicking around for a while. Never did run, nor look like much, so after thinking it over decided to just dive right in and redo EVERYTHING!… Engine got torn down to absolutely nothing… cases were glass and soda blasted  Brand new Head was sorted out also… head1 all new oversize piston and rings fitted.. piston1 piston2 HeadGasket

Engine back together and finally back in the frame! (every nut and bolt on this bike has been replaced too) timing1 A while ago you may have seen i had prepped and sandblasted the frame and all the other parts… – well they all got re-finished with antique white powdercoat and tons of hours polishing all the crusty old aluminum parts… I even decided to Nickel plate a bunch of the parts myself. Including the oil line, top engine mount, rear axle, and a pile of other little i. engineRight here is a rough mockup of the rolling bike at this point.. Bike is stretched almost 6 inches over stock by changing the swing arm location to give it that long lean look. Tank and seat are still being fitted and fenders are being sorted out. Or not.. still deciding. Stock style tool box’s will fill the void beneath the seat, the seats rear spring mounts still needs to be fab R1 L1 Still not 100% sure where it will end up yet  – still lots of work to do and a ton of little things to decide on to make this bike complete. More to come soon!

  • Russ Meagher

    Typical Chappell bike…it’s going to be fantastic!