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Powdercoat Spray booth Post 3

  • Powdercoat Spray booth Post 3

OK, booth is done (for now) and working! Still going to add doors, but that can wait for now.

Made bigger holes for the filter air intake, and some new support bars for the heavy filters.


Made a big-ass box with the sheet metal brake and some left over sheet metal, then got an 8″ inlet and a 10″ adapter.

Put them all together, screwed and siliconed them to the back of the booth…

Got the HUGE 3-phase dust collector wired in and running with 10″ ducting.
(after cleaning it out for 2 days, and making a new filter)

We put an 8 foot ground rod into the floor for the booth ground, and put a full length tube, and a handful
of rotating hangers to hook parts to.
Any powder not picked up by the filters will fall to our booth floor and can be easily swept up.
Much better than it was before with an open floor anyway.

man.. i’m beat!

  • king nsr

    Wow I’m been planning to make my own power booth too wonders