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Bartels’ Harley Davidson Dirt Track Project…

  • Bartels’ Harley Davidson Dirt Track Project…

Recently one of the riding school bikes at Bartels’ Harley got in a bit of a wreck to say the least! Front forks literally broke in half!

We will be transforming this bike into a dirt track style bike and will do as much as we can to make it cool within the budget we were given.
Check out the pics of the way this thing looked and keep that in mind when we are finished 🙂

More updates on this will come soon.

Why is the front wheel on the seat?


Oh because the forks are snapped in half!!!

We loaded it into the truck and unloaded it at the shop with a forklift

First step was to tear it apart and assess the damage. Luckily the frame is not bent, but the radiator and some other parts were not so lucky!

Made a new seat pan in the “dirt track” fashion to help start the wheels in my head get turning

Fabricated a new rear frame section and chopped off all the stock frame to accommodate the new style..

Then fabricated a new intake (filter not installed yet) and designed a new front sprocket cover to remove all the stock bulky plastic.


The new seat pan and tank will be painted in a fitting Harley scheme and we will be making a new exhaust, complete inverted front end, new triples, headlight, side covers, custom wheels and a ton of other cool stuff…. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!