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Bartels’ Harley Davidson Dirt Track Project update 3…

  • Bartels’ Harley Davidson Dirt Track Project update 3…

Ok, where to start… so much has been going on its hard to keep track…

We had some custom billet aluminum triples made to use the stock XG stem and bearings but with Yamaha R1 front fork dimensions, these are a 1-off part so it took a while to finish them.

At the same time had to get some custom designed rearsets that will put your feet in the proper position for a dirt track style bike. Again, this takes time…


Fitting all of this stuff is not easy to say the least, custom spacers and a ton of other little things like steering stops need to be fabricated after initial fitment…

We had custom wheels and hubs made for this crazy project. –  Front hub is for dual disk R1 forks, but uses SV1000 rotors. Rear hub is a 1-off just for this bike and will let us use a chain drive instead of the stock belt.
This has been frustrating to say the least, custom axle spacers needed to be fabricated, and the swing arm needed to have an extra inch of axle adjustment milled into it to fit the 19″ dirt track tires to this little bike.



Things are starting to come together and with any luck this will be finished in the coming weeks. (After we get all y0ur orders finished first of-course :))