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Honda Rebel 250 Bobber


Heres a cool one.. built this bike for my girlfriend i bought it for her for Xmas one year because she just passed her motorcycle test!

Here is the stock bike in GREAT shape…

Started to tear it down..

Rebuilding front end

got some new parts


Quick mock up of where its heading

made a rear fender from an MX fender

Cut the cross bar out of the bars

Painting the whole thing a gloss black

Some killer grips and mirrors

Added a couple of new mufflers a fatter rear tire, a smaller rear sprocket, a side mount license plate and Voila! a new bike!

and there she goes!



  • Ludovic


    Can you give me a list of item i must buy to get the same result of this one honda rebel bobber style?

    Thank you

    • I don’t have a “parts” list but as you can see from the images. Bars, grips, seat, seat springs, rear fender, rear tire, exhaust, sprocket etc…

      thanks, glad you like it!

      • Ludovic

        Thank you for your answer, it’s a great modification, i like it 🙂

  • Steven

    Hello, I am currently trying to bob my rebel. I had a few questions that I seriously need answered. I am having alot of trouble with the seat, i have no idea where to start. Did you do any welding or cutting to the frame? Please explain to me how you got the bobber seat on, thank you!

    • Did not modify the frame at all. All i did was drill a couple of holes for the seat springs. Obviously you’ll have to come up with a seat bracket that works – there is no “direct bolt on” bobber seat for these bikes as far as i know.

      • Pete James

        blue collar bobbers has a bolt on kit for a seat

  • Carlos

    The bike looks great u did an awesome job 🙂 i just have two quick questions first what rear fender is that from exactly? and whats the benefit of a smaller rear sprocket? thank you

    • rear fender is a universal dirt bike fender cut to fit. Don’t remember the exact brand but probably UFO or similar.
      Rear sprocket was changed because the 250’s are useless at highway speeds. The change made it much easier to keep a highway speed without the engine screaming.

  • mike

    try blue collar bobbers they may have a seat kit

  • Phil

    I really like it. I was drawn to it by the handlebars. I found pictures of it here: http://www.theoryfx.com/STUFF/rebel/ and glad I found your build. Are those handlebars EMGO Chopper T handlebars (http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/3/13/121/36828/ITEM/Emgo-Chopper-T-Handlebars.aspx)? I was looking at them but wasn’t sure if they’d fit with the 5 in center width. Seemed a bit tight, but from your pictures, they look like they fit great, and I especially love that you cut the cross bar out. Thanks in advance for your help and great lookin’ bike!

    • chappellcustoms

      Don’t remember the exact brand of bars, but yes those look to be the same. Measure your bar clamps, you don’t need much outside room to make them work. They fit great and felt even better. Use the end plugs that come with the bars to plug the holes when you cut the cross bar.Glad you like it. Thanks!

  • Arman Honda rebel 2007

    Very nice set up and i would like to know if you adjust all your cables to fit the new handlebar? if yeah, any advice or where should i can get cheaper cables. Thanks in advance

  • peewee997

    what kind of mx fender is it? is it plastic or metal? also are those the handle bars off ebay?

  • Jim

    Was it difficult to modify the rear fender to fit the frame, or was it just a matter of measuring and drilling holes?

  • Quette35

    Hi I have the exact same back and I am trying to do the same thing to my rebel. My question is what size back tire and rim, sprocket size, and I want a bigger front tire and rim what would u suggest. Good looking bike and thanks for your reply.

  • Cmoney

    Where did you get the tail lights

  • toby harrington

    bike looks great doing mine now was wondering and sprocket and tire size .cause i have no highway speed with out bike screaming at me after 65

  • rick

    can I change my 2007 Honda rebel over to led