1978 GS550 – Cafe

  • Jonas

    How much did it cost?

  • DFR

    What rear sets did you use on this?

  • Luca

    Complimenti sei straordinario ,il tuo mestiere e anche il mio la mia passione,bravo .
    Di dove sei? io sono italiano e scrivo dall’italia.

  • VillageIdiott

    Hi, I was wondering what rear suspension you are using on the bike. Beautiful job by the way. I am in the midst of building a 78 GS750 and I like the look of that rear suspension.

    • bobber33

      those were some cheap ones from ebay probably wouldn’t’ use them again. little to stiff honestly.

  • Bryan

    Where did you purchase the Raask rear sets from?

  • Sam

    Really nice build! what jets size did you use? I have a similar setup on mine, 4-1 exhaust and KN pods filter and I’m having a hard time to set the carbs right. Thanks a lot!

  • ketil

    where did you hide the oil tank and the batteri? i like the clean look where you have nothing in the triangle behind the engine and going for that too

    • bobber33

      No oil tank on a GS. Battery is under the seat…